When You May Need a Lawyer Throughout your Lifetime

Many people assume that when you hire a lawyer, you are doing so because you are in legal trouble, or going through a major life change, such as a divorce.  However, there are many reasons you may want to consider hiring a lawyer that have to do with small changes, or even daily life.


One thing all Americans have in common throughout their adult lifetime is the need to file and pay taxes.  In many cases, you may need a lawyer for tax purposes.  IRS communication with taxpayers is more common than ever.  

When you receive a letter from the IRS, a lawyer can help you interpret the communication and find out exactly what the IRS is looking for.  More importantly, they can also help you handle situations such as audits, proof of residence verification, or liens and levies on your property.  A lawyer can also represent you if the information the IRS has on file resulting in a balance is false, or unfounded.


The next milestone you may meet is marriage.  When you get married, you may wish to hire a lawyer to protect your assets with a prenuptial agreement, or to merge your assets properly.  Marriage is a contract between two individuals, and some prefer to outline the details of the marriage agreement before entering into the marriage legally.

Someday, you may also wish to purchase a home!  Once you buy a house, you will need a lawyer to complete the sale, just like if you were building a custom home in Tampa you would need Cogdill Builders Florida. A lawyer is typically hired to handle the closing, and represents your interests to ensure that the mortgage, contract, and transition is handled properly.  A lawyer will also investigate the property for outstanding liens and obligations, which need to be settled before the sale of the property is complete.

Let’s say you decide to adopt a child.  You will definitely need a lawyer to represent you in the adoption, help you file the proper paperwork, and advise you on the necessary documentation.

Finally, it is the responsibility of an individual to determine where their assets will go in the event of their demise.  Most people wait too long to draft a will, leaving their property in a state of limbo and uncertainty.  A lawyer can ensure that your will is created properly, and even executed appropriately when the time comes.


Life has many important milestones, and many of them require reliable legal advice.  Make sure you know not just the unusual, but the everyday reasons you may need legal representation throughout your life.

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